School Management ERP Software Proposal

Based on our previous software “SchoolMate” that we developed for one of our customer Microminds, now we have signed a contract to develop School Management ERP Software that is proposed to be used in major schools in India. Their customers are group of institutions who have many branches at various locations in India. So the developed application will be operating from a centralized location with various modules that can be customised according to their clients requirement. Some of the proposed modules are

  • Admission Module
  • Student Module
  • Teachers Module
  • Payroll Module
  • Attendance Module
  • Fees Module
  • Timetable Module
  • Transport Module
  • Exam Module
  • Parents Login Module
  • Teachers Login Module
  • Students Login Module
  • Customised Reports Module
  • GPS Tracking Module
  • Assignments / Homework Module
  • Question Bank Module
  • Chat Module
  • Forum
  • Blog
  • Audit Module
  • Bio metric Module
  • SMS Module
  • Academic Management Module
  • And So on..

This application is expected to be developed using opensource technologies like PHP, MYSQL, AJAX, Jquery and YII Framework. inexpensivecoders development team is specialised in Opensource Technologies. We recommended opensource because it is easy to host and maintain. Also the development and maintenance cost will be very low. Using frameworks within PHP makes the developed application more  secured.

SchoolMate Modules Vs Capabilities

Modules Capabilities

/ Exams





by Student,

by Class



Session Over




Reports and



Fees Customized



Fees Receipt

and Registers

Fees –

Intimation &





Fee Waver



Time Table Customized

Time Table










Accounts Integrated




User Friendly and

works on the lines

of Tally Software

Back Tracking

from Balance

Sheet to


Data import

from Tally

Software &




Reports like

Balance Sheet

& Income



Student Complete



School History with Documents Submitted

One Window



User defined

Reports exportable to Excel

I – Card


Staff Complete






Attended and



Appraisals User defined


exportable to


 Security Highest Security on each Forms & Reports User Group Authentication User Authentication Pre-scheduled Data Back Up Systems Administrative and Super User Rights
 Admission Prospectus Selling and Registration Entrance Exams Selection Process Admission Fees Receipt Integration with Accounts and Inventory
 Recruitment Requisitions & Authorities Application Forms Short listing & Call Letters Interview Results Selection &  Letters Appointments
 Front Office Appointments & Complaints Tracking Inwards, Dispatches, Permissions & Gate Passes Certificates – Transfer, Bona-fide, Character Prospectus, Applications & Almanacs Sales Leave Applications & Events Calendar
 Library Library Management Issue, Return, Reserve Books & Periodicals Reports: Library Card, Over dues, Defaulters Library Assets Bar Codes
 Activity/Events Allocation of Clubs to Student & Staff Allocation of Houses to Student & Staff Class wise Events Experts/Judges  for Events Club & House Position
 Infirmary /  Health Health, Medical & Oral Cards Teachers Training on First Aid Doctor Visit & Daily Entries Medical Equipment Maintenance Health Exams
Modules Capabilities
Discipline Discipline Heads Discipline Cards Student Evaluation Daily Discipline Entries Discipline Reports
Attendance Student & Staff Attendance Marking Muster Roll Generation Performance for Students Payroll for Staff Smart Cards, Finger Prints & PDAs
Inventory Centralized Purchases Main & Departmental Stores Issue & Return of Goods Tight Control on Inventories Decision Support
Payroll Salary Slabs and Increments Allowances, Deductions & Salary Statements Pay Slips & Salary Disbursement PF Challan & Statement Loans and advances
Transport Bus Stops and Route Allocation Transport Fees & Transport Availing Fuel Log Book Vehicle Maintenance Vehicle Tax & Insurance
Hostel &      House Keeping Room Facilities & Allotment Maintaining Outing Records Maintaining Visitors Records Mess Management Daily Cleaning Records and Maintenance
Web / Internet Reporting Secured Login & Access Control Encourages Parental Involvement Reports for Parents Reports for Management Bulk Mailing
Modules Capabilities
Attendance Attendance on Buses Attendance at Class Rooms No Manual Errors Productive Time for Teachers Time Saving
Interfacing external device like Smart Card, Biometric, RFID, etc. Smart Cards for Attendance, Library & e-Purse RFID for Library, Attendance, Security Systems Biometrics for Access Control, Security Barcodes for Library & Attendance Automatic Processing
Reminders & Schedulers Reminders are Module Specific Schedulers are User Specific Systematic work and less lapses Induces Professional Approach Cost Saving

ERP Proposal for Cable Manufacturing Industry

Current Situation

The client is one of the leading cable manufacturer in coimbatore and he was looking for ERP for his Cable Manufacturing unit. His end customers are the top leading suppliers of wires with their own brand names in and outside India. The client had their own in-house developed Desktop application software, which partially met the management expectation. But it needed more customisation to make the process simpler, easier and more user friendly.

Existing System

The existing version of software was  developed using traditional Visual Basic version 6 (VB6) and Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) as backend.


While doing the case study in the existing system, it has been discovered that tracking the inventory levels of copper is not straight forward. Every time the resources should calculate the list of copper utilised during a course of time, calculate and analyse the requirements for the future, and place the next order to the vendors that is not accurate and precise. It takes lot of time to track production, sales, past orders, wastage and future orders manually. Not only the above, improper planning results to wasting useful labor in trivial works, and is also prone to human error

Major Drawback

Another major drawback on using the existing system is the employees in the production area have to leave the production area, go to a computer, log in to the computers, open the software, provide the required inputs, get information about the input product, and provide the required updates. And the process to do that takes about thirty minutes to an hour

To overcome this situation, we recommend to build an android mobile app where the employees can bring an android phone or tablet into the production area and enter the inputs and get all the information that they need in about one second. That is really the beauty of mobile software. It simplifies some complex tasks that do not need to be complex. Our business model is very simple but the Desktop Software that is being used is complex.

What we proposed

The best way to simplify complex business processes and make employees’ jobs easier is to migrate the existing version of desktop software into webbased version using PHP as the development language, MYSQL as backend and develop mobile application using Android. Since android version devices are cheap we plan to develop android application that will get the input from the user and synchronise that information into the main server similarly, the same approach will be used for the output.

The Opportunity  after the initial discussion with the client’s IT organization with their IT heads, the goals / key were derived as below Some of them are the key criteria’s

  1. a) Current version  of  application  platform  should  be  customized  according  to  the  needs  of  each    So  the  existing  application  source  code  should  be  altered  / modified  to  meet  the  requirement. No clear roadmap is laid to follow the requirements.
  2. b) Develop an android version of the software that will help the users to use the system in the areas where desktops cannot be used.

The proposal for Cable Industry for our client can be viewed here

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Fun Shopy Ecommerce Requirement

We received a requirement to develop an Ecommerce website with the following modules

Admin Module (Web):
1. Add/Modify/Delete/View/Export products
2. Add(Upload)/Modify/Delete/View/Export multiple users (Modify implies delete and add)
3. Add/Modify/Delete/View/Export New web Pages
4. Add/Modify/Delete/View/Export Customers
5. Option to View Shipping Requests from Customers
6. Monitor Retailer and Customer Activities
7. Configure Allowed Pin codes (This is how it is called in India. For other countries it is called as Zip codes) for postal
8. View google Analytics
9. Generate Reports
10. Manage banner and Web Pages
11. search banner in home page
12. Showing cart details in home page top
13. cookies to enable best performance
14 . Enable Feature for Facebook Re targeting and Marketing
15. copy meta tag paste in head of theme code
16 sitemap submission in google check
17 fastest drop shipping conversion theme
18 Pingdom speed test less than 1 second
19 mailchimp configuration
20 Whastup option to share image and do whats up marketing
21, Fraud Analysis
22 Number of products unlimited
23 Manual order creation
24 Discount codes
25 Website and blog
26 Abandoned cart recovery
27 Free SSL certificate
28 Gift cards
29 Advanced report builder
30 Third-party calculated shipping rates
31 Sell on Facebook
33 Bank level security with free 256-bit SSL certificate
34 display offer button on product for ex(common panda)
35 operlo dropshipping
36 Product Recommendation
37 Display striked options ex panda
38 quick links
39 Dashboard including all possible analysis like shopify
40 Display social media connection front of page
41 Display google reviews
45 deal timer
46 recommendation
47 Shipping Policy
48 Refund Policy
49 Privacy Policy
50 Terms Of Service
51 setup your facebook tracking pixel
52 signup analyt,adword install tracking code
53 Create press page

Customer Module(Web + iOS + Android) :
1. Website with Home page, About Us, Contact Us and other CMS pages
2. Enter the postal code and land to customised home page
3. Display various deals like deal of the day ,season sale,Hot deals
4. mirroring sell product in amazon ebay
5. Receives sms or mail notifications when there is a sale of their favorite product or from the stores.
6. Instant chat server for phone reply